In 2011 before the immanent birth of my first Grandson  a friend of mine told me about balance bikes. Intrigued I did some research but was disappointed that none on the market actually looked like a proper racing motorcycle. I decided that I wanted to make a Balance Bike that looks like a real Motorcycle and I took inspiration from GP Bikes of the 2011 and so Qmoto was born. I wanted to make as close a replica as possible while still being a functional toy. 

We take pride in what we make and do not compromise on any of the materials. All screws and metal fixtures are Stainless Steel, the wood is the finest Birch Plywood and the wheels are PU foam filled to prevent punctures.

The Qmotostar  Balance Bikes are aimed at children of 3 years and above but are not suitable for children under 36 months. Made from the best materials available and complying to all EU safety requirements with a CE mark there is nothing to compare to these individually hand made Balance Bikes. Even the basic models are individual, no two bikes are the same because they are cut, hand built and hand finished in a small workshop in Cheshire, not mass produced. If you want a cheap Balance bike that looks like a couple of pieces of wood stuck together or a tube of metal then this is not for you.

Our nickname for the Qmotostar  is POD an acronym for “Play or Display” because we have as many inquiries from people who just want one to display in their house or workshop or for advertising purposes. However as stated above, they have been assessed and passed as a toy and child safe and each bike has it's own unique serial number. We consider the Qmotostar  to be a functional piece of art.

Still interested, then start customising your own version to be able to own a unique collectable toy.