Qmotostar Balance Bike Safety

We want you to enjoy your child using their Qmotostar balance bike. We really don’t want them to get bumped and bruised, so please take time to ensure your child is as much aware as you are of the following safety measures.

Is your child ready for a Balance Bike?

Remember that the recommended guidelines for Qmotostar balance bikes are for children aged from 3 to 6 years old and a maximum weight of 36kg and not suitable for under 3 year old. Please don’t let anyone ever use it without proper protection and education. That goes for your child, their siblings and friends.

The first ride…

Your child will be quick to learn and quick to ride with safety and control if you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Explain to your child the dangers of balance bikes and roads and all the items below before they get on for the first time.

  • Go somewhere with a soft surface, a lawn or carpet for the first attempts. You can help if you wish by giving them some support. Some kids take to it quickly, others may need more time. Don’t rush them - they will get the hang of it.

  • From the start make sure they wear a Childs bike helmet and gloves. Knee and elbow pads are also advisable.

  • Let them learn in a safe place and ensure they know how to stop and turn their bike. Be sure they are being responsible on their bike before you venture out to open or public spaces.

In time…

Use the Qmotostar on shopping trips, country walks and at the seaside. You will find that your child can cover long distances very easily. You may find that they are somewhat quicker than you too!

Safety first


  • Make sure your child wears a Childs bike helmet and gloves. Knee and elbow pads are also advisable.

  • Before each ride ensure that the Qmotostar balance bike is safe. Are the wheel axle bolts tight?

  • Ensure that your child understands the dangers of roads and crowded areas.

  • Only allow use of your Qmotostar wooden balance bike under full adult supervision.

  • Ensure that you understand the dangers of the environment where your child is using their Qmotostar balance bike. Warn them about those dangers.


  • Use on the road or on narrow pavements.

  • Use near a swimming pool, lake or river.

  • Use anywhere near stairways or steps.

  • Use on gravel, sand or slippery floors.

  • Use whilst using a personal stereo or mobile phone.

  • Use near hills.

  • Get distracted when supervising your child

Be aware of:

  • Crowded areas.

In summer:

  • Insist your child wear protective clothing even if they feel a bit hot.

In winter:

  • Make your child as visible as you can and insist that they wear reflective clothing. Attach lights and reflectors.

Indoor use:

  • Watch out for table corners, furniture and ornament hazards that they may crash into.

CAUTION - Before each ride ensure:

  • The tyres have no tears or splits in them.

  • The wheels rotate freely.

  • Ensure that the foam on the seat and is in place.

  • Each wheel axle bolt is tight and secure.

  • That the steering bolts are tight, secure and not turning.

  • That your Qmotostar balance bike has no cracks/splits or suspicious wear and tear.

Important information:

  • The stand is not a toy and you should not allow your child to play with it. The stand is for storage and display purposes only.

  • Do not leave the Qmotostar balance bike outside in very hot, wet or cold weather, remember it is made from wood and will warp over time in extreme conditions.

  • Do not attempt to dismantle the Qmotostar balance bike as this will make your warranty null and void.

  • Clean your Qmotostar with a damp cloth or sponge, do not use detergents or jet wash the bike


  • Your Qmotostar Balance bike has been made and finished by hand and is therefore totally individual, yours is the only one and there are no other copies of it. Please enjoy your Qmotostar as much as we have enjoyed making it for you.

  • Take care of your child and your Qmotostar balance bike but most of all have some fun.

Quentin Lock MIET 

(Designer, Builder and Tea maker)                                                                                                                   

Qmoto Ltd.